Process automation

Only 34% of the time the salesman devotes to the sale, the rest of the time consumes performing routine activities. Change this through robotic implementations included in CRM Integrator 3.0 and replace your saved time with money.

- AutonomicSales is looking for customers and it is 24 hours a day. No one else will be able to conquer us.

- Use a robot to receive offers or complaints, which will find out on your behalf what brings you your client.

- Make your salesmen know what to do and use the THTG Bot, who through artificial intelligence cares about optimizing operations and learns what makes you sell and what results in lower yields while prompting the seller to lead the way to finalizing sales.

- The system "zero lost leads" will not allow you to cool down the contact with the customer.

Artificial intelligence

is a machine that performs things in the way that a person does, but faster, smoother, and less costly. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of machine learning and predictive analysis.

- Without fatigue, precisely. The subtiliter schedules the sales people daily, identifying the customers to contact and planning what to offer them.

- Automation of contacts. Self-capturing inquiries, getting to know the customer's needs and passing the lead to the appropriate department.

- Zero lost or frozen leads! Upon receipt of the inquiry, the system will automatically tell you what to do to make the transaction and will not allow you to not perform scheduled activities.

- Optimization of marketing activities through a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of advertising, the tendency, the mutual influence of the source of customer's dependence on each other with the measurement of dependence.

- You know how much you will spend on advertising! Forecasting the advertising budget along with its intended use in a given time and media.

Interface for a computer, tablet, and smartphone

Use the system wherever you are with your mobile device, tablet or computer. This ensures full mobility for you and your employees.

- See what happens to your business whenever you want with full access to your calendar.

- See how are your projects and tasks.

- Access to customer data, CRM and storage from anywhere in the world and on what you want.

- Make an offer off the office wherever you are.

Bidding under control!

Offers graphical and substantive excellent, tracking the negotiation process and the reservation control system are just some of the many capabilities of the sales module.

- Present your product through an extensive editor of the offer and control over the content, graphics and descriptions posted on your web site.

- Full monitoring of documents. Have control over the process of changes in the offer and contract.

- Everything at your fingertips. Manage your booking process and order fulfillment.

- End of wasting time on handwriting documents. Automatic templates of any documents solve this problem.

- Automate the bidding process through the use of the Subtiliter artificial intelligence module, so that the seller offers complete solutions and to those customers who need them.

- Automatic typing of customers to make an offer or contact.

Do not wait for the customer!

Cause interest by yourself! See what tools you have at your disposal.

- You have many options. Mailing, sms, phone and social media: you decide how to find the customer.

- Check the sources. Adwords integration, analytics and other social media - find out where the client comes from.

- Make the perfect connections. Use the system that will pick the product for you or your customer for the product.

- Find out why your customers have chosen your product or who is the customer you have not yet achieved.

- Apply a robot that on your behalf "inquires" customers what they are interested in and when they are planning to buy. The action can be performed on new or existing databases. The efficiency is 20% higher than with a traditional call center.

Management Panel

for salespeople, concierge desk, marketing, service, warehousing, and manufacturing with a perfect privilege management system, these are just some of the features that allow you to optimize work and access information.

- Configure the system according to your own requirements and needs.

- Respond to changes. When the market situation changes, quickly and without the involvement of programmers change and make new configurations.

- Connect, integrate, and consolidate with your software and external devices for full access.

- Surround yourself with technology. Use Internet of Things from THTG.

Power THTG

it's a modern BI-class system that lets you see and visualize your data, and if you add automatic reporting and cyclical shipping to specific people, and predictive analysis, you're sure to gain full image and access to information.

- No more waiting for reports! From today you will receive it just when you want it. The system automatically and daily provides data.

- Build reports using any graphic design. Data visualization is the key to success!

- Build an alert system to get a timely warning on your calendar, mailbox or sms.

- Use predictive analysis and machine learning in data analysis to find the cause and effect quickly and easily!

Financial control

Invoicing, money flow, debt and payment supervision, credit and loan supervision, R & D, budgeting and debt collection. These and many other features are waiting for you and in one click you have a full information.

- Do not skip any payment! Debt collection module - automatic or manual processes with alert system.

Keep up with the finances. Have a look at the money so you know how much you have or how much money you will have.

- Control your budget, profit and loss account, and money flow in your business and everything in the present.

- Without turning around. Credit lines, settlements with banks and financing costs under constant control.