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Most important features

Implementation of a strategy

which is client-oriented by: adjusting the offer, the service process and communication to their current and individual needs and preferences

Implementation of a solution

allowing gathering customer information in one place, personalization interactions with customer

Personalization of an interaction

with customers and implementation of effective marketing and sales

Management of work

of salesperson and sales department

Management of process

of sales from the phase of search for customer, to delivery of goods and complaint management process

Automation of reports

Collecting data and creating semantic networks

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Integrating data

from multiple sources (data collected using Integrator 3.0 can be presented in one place)

Obtaining results and forecasts

using predictive and prescriptive analysis

We are a leader

in the use of modules of artificial intelligence and machine learning

THTG Data Center

with the highest security certificates

Autonomic Sales

is a leader in studying and classifying sources of reaching the customer

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