About Us

Welcome to The High-Tech Group , Enterprise and IT Agency, founded in 2011. Our team consists of programmers, IT professionals, specialising in data analysis, marketing and management that make projects and produce software that is perfectly tailored to the individual needs of customers. Besides professionalism and skills important for us is the relationship with the customer.

We are known for our unusual approach and breaking the so-called 'impossible'. Our work combines in one all the ideas and intentions of our client with the craft of our engineers and specialists. Creating, we support ourselves with our own innovative technologies, such as: THTG Cloud, THTG Time Machine, THTG Data, THTG Business Statistics and THTG Autonomic Sales.

Our customers receive products that have been designed according to the maxim:

You can only manage what has been measured and the increase in labor productivity builds a competitive advantage!

Sales Department

Consulting and design skills, collecting information about the needs of a customer and transfer of agreed data to relevant departments.

Programming Department

Product engineering and software development by creating new solutions and improving the existing ones.

Project Department

Responsibility for the selection and adjustment of technology to the current needs in order to achieve the desired purpose and the best working solutions.

Training and Implementation

Responsibility for user skills and proper implementation of the software in the environment which it will manage.

Graphic Department

Illustrating the vision of the client in a transparent and simple way.

Supporst and Servicing

Ensuring continuity of the contractor's wor, preventing errors and malfunctions.